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About Us

While JewelsLane is a relatively young jewellery enterprise,it is a venture of OROGEMS, a long standing name in the manufacturing, export
and retailing of high quality jewellery. Orogems has its own manufacturing & is registered by the BIS ( Beaureau of Indian Standards)
Even more, through the promoters of Orogems, JewelsLane has a linkage with Delhi's oldest and most reputed Jewellery business, Jagat Narain & Sons.
At JewelsLane, impeccable craftsmanship is a veritable mantra which enables us to create aesthetically appropriate collections.
Endear Collection: An array of scintillating jewelled diamond jewellery.    
Kanaka:  A collection of brushed look gold jewellery.
Aumkaara: Our popular and trendy auspicious symbols Must have accessory.
Our jewellery is distinguished by high quality jewels, meticulous craftsmanship & timeless designs. All hallmarked jewellery. Even so we provide the added assurance of certificates for the diamonds used so as to authenticate every piece of jewellery you purchase from us.
It is our endeavour to offer our customers wearable and latest designs in jewellery and not just simple ear studs or solitaires. Through our online sales, we hope to have our aesthetically appealing designs reach the discerning customer even though she may be a distance away.
We welcome your comments on our product reviews and also your suggestions if you care to drop us a message at info@jewelslane.com 
We will continue to bring you sparkling new ideas from time to time. 


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